Monday, March 9, 2009

Humanity, well not many of us are accustomed to this word maybe because its existance is very rare . How many of us take a minute out of our hectic lives to maybe make an old man cross the road or even help somebody when they have had a bad fall not too many of us right?maybe that's because we're so engrossed in making our lives so perfect that we dont have a single second to spare for somebody else.We have forgotten our ethics and become robots who just move around and work mechanically, but what we dont realise is that when we will need help nobody will come for it and then we might realise of how heartless we have become, as they all say we wont realise things until they dont happen to us and that's a fact. one act of randon kindness a day can make such a difference in some one's life.Im sure we all have seen some gruesome accidents taking place on our way to work or college, people are crowded all around the injured person watching the commotion happening and enjoying all the drama while the injured soul waits there in pain till someone finally takes pity on him and takes him to the hospital but hardly anybody does that scared that it might become a police case and they might just get involved in it.Have we ever thought about the poor persons life, many people have died just waiting to be taken to the hospital while the cops just stand there making it a police case. it surprises us to know how they live knowing that that a mans blood is in their hands and they do nothing about it. the following blog is made to highlight how ignorant we can be when it comes to helping people .

The basic problem here is why are we so hesitant to help others what is there that's stopping us? well maybe its the system that goes horribly wrong and pins everything on the person whos helping(in this case the witness) even in movies we notice that the person who helps the girl escape from the bad guys, is killed on the way. Now no one wants to get involved in anything ,even the parents refrain from asking their children to help the needy as they very well know what the consequences are.See the cases of the hit-and-run drivers itself a similar case gives light to this problem when on sunday night at the busy brigade road-residency road junction leaving a motorist dead and a cyclist injured due to a speeding car driven by someone hit them and one of them died on the spot leaving the other with minor injuries.Basic humanity teaches us to clean the damage we have done and although that might result in going to jail he does have to realise that a man is dying and help is required at that instant but as we know the heartless hit and run cases the driver never stops to help and drives away cooly leaving innocent people to die for their irresponsible actions.Another incident comes to my notice of a man who had an accident while driving his motorbike with his nephew when the bike crashed and the man was bleeding to death and his nephew screaming for help ,fortunately or unfortunately there was a police station just across the road from where this incident happened and the police came and just stood near the body of the injured man and started making it a police case while the poor man just bled to death right there, even though the nephew begged the police to 1st take him to the hospital. how can people just stand there and watch a helpless man die the police case can be made later but this man cant come back again once a life is gone its over and that's just it. It just pains us to know that we have sunk down to such a level that we cant even be of any help to others anymore.

The hit and run cases are the very beggining step of the ladder many more cases come to light of the inhumane ways in which people are treated. women are supposed to be respected as sisters and mothers but recently we notice the gruelling ways in which they are treated. take the recent case of a bbm student who allegedly jumped from the fourth floor of the college building as she was being harassed by the authorities of the institution to which all the girls in the college protested to and attacted the college for harassing the girl and they even said that the college authorities did not even bother taking the girl to the hospital and her condition is now stated to be critical. the police then entered the scene and resorted to lathi charge when the protesting girls went out of control damaging glass panes by throwing stones at them. What were the police doing all this while. when the whole incident is already done with and the girl had been harassed where were they? but yes when there is damage of property then the police are all ready to ''take control'' of the situation. Isnt the damage of life more important to them and what about those college authorities who did not even bother taking the girl to the hospital you first harass her and then let her to die what justice is this i want to ask? who is to blame for this kind of behaviour? well we're all involved in it each and everyone of us and till we dont admit it nothing is going to change.Not only the police are at fault its the people who punish them if they help a needy person instead of looking for a profit in
it.Even families are not sparing each other when it comes to being inhumane a shocking incident that took place in Ajmer throws light on this, a women there was stripped,tied to a tree and beaten up brutally to punish her on the words of a suspecting husband who claimed that she was having an affair with another man the woman cried for help but nobody came while people kept beating her and spitting on her face even the other woman started punching her on her stomach and abusing her for having an illicit affair with another man. who has the right to do these horrifying actions?why do people have to take law into their own hands what right do they have?? if a woman is having an affair with another man that is between her and her husband to resolve not the rest of the village i understand tha woman having extra marital affairs are looked down upon but this kind of behaviour is srictly disgusting, beating a women up so brutally and tying her to the tree with no clothes is utterly barbaric and unnecessary.

Its high time we stop this nonsensical behaviour and act more humane,the articles of women being burned to death for a mere dowry case , many killed in a drunken drivers irrisponsibilty, police watch on as a victim bleeds to death just so that they make it a police case,silent rallys and protests turn brutal when the police just beat everybody up and hundreds are injured. Why do we have to be so scared to help out another one , even if we are put to blame or witness we can surely get out of it but just standing there and watching people die now that's irriversible.Even if we fall in trouble for saving someone we should just know one fact and that is for that one single minute you are the hero and you did'nt watch on or create a crowd aroud the person, you actually saved the man and at the end of the day only that counts........Humanity.